We conduct seminars, workshops, lectures and other personalized training courses (including Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring) for companion animal families, privates, companies, universities, NGOs, government and operational organizations around the world in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

All our training takes a scientific approach to behaviour, training and animal welfare following the latest research and studies carried out by us and others international scientific organizations.

Featured Seminar

“Animal Training, a new human science-based view- Applying Anthrozoology, Ethology and Behaviourism”

This seminar is the result of all Roberto Barata’s career over these years,  with passages in different dog training fields, since the military working dogs to his present researching, coaching, counselling and mentoring work with owners and professionals with different species and daily intercultural practical experience.

This seminar is a deep reflection about animal training in human societies and about us as animals we are, with solid argumentation, real facts and a science-based approach to his training philosophy and techniques.

As a result of lack of an anthrozoological view in animal training, Roberto introduced new concepts and models based on scientific evidence and empirical knowledge, demystifying theories, concepts and current approaches in animal training, including a trainer’s daily life and all difficulties.

You will be challenged to use your own critical thinking and improve yourself as a professional and person.

Seminar recommended for all.

One day seminar: Only theory.

Two days seminar: Theory and practical demonstrations.

Three days seminar: Theory, practical demonstrations and a full practical day with the audience.

Other possible seminars and topics (Dogs, cats, horses, guinea pigs)

– Anthrozoology (The human social animal, the animals in society, the contrast of cultures, applying anthrozoology in animal training, the different ethical approaches, the past-present-future, animal trainer challenges).
– Animal Behaviour, Language and Learning.
– Inter-specific communication and non-verbal language.
– Animal behaviour problems with study cases.
– Practical applications of anthrozoology, ethology and behaviourism.
– Advanced training and behavioural modification programming (SMAF).
– Animal welfare.
– Canine Scent Detection.
– Interpersonal professional relationship.
– Leadership, life coaching and mentoring for animal trainers.
– Critical thinking for animal field professionals.
– Personalized courses for companion animal owners.
– Personalized courses in the professional, academical, governmental, operational and other specific areas of animal training.

We adjust the topics, programs and technical levels of the seminar/workshop/lecture/course according to the needs of the organization.

Demonstrations and/or individual activities of the presented theory, when applicable.

Hosting a seminar in 10 easy steps

1. Choose the topic and version (number of days).
2. Find a date and a location.
3. Make a budget. Mail us.
4. Mail us to confirm your preferred dates.
Once your seminar is confirmed:
5. Confirm the booking of location and make down payment if necessary.
6. Advertise.
7. Register your attendees.
8. Make final arrangements concerning hotel and airport transfer for speaker and assistant (when applicable).
9. Organize and brief your seminar staff.
10. Wait, continue advertising and registering new attendees, and enjoy the prospect of your upcoming event.


Q: How many attendees can participate?
A: In a seminar or talk, you can have as many attendees as you want. In a workshop, where everyone is supposed to work with their animals, the maximum number is 30.

Q: What kind of premises do I need to host an event?
A: It depends on how many attendees you expect. Workshops require more space per attendee.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: A projector with VGA or HDMI connection, a sound system with handheld and lapel microphones, a mini-jack connection to a computer and a writing board.

Q: Can I sell products at the seminar/workshop?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I or the attendees film the seminar/workshop?
A: No, thank you.

Q: Will Ethology Institute promote my event?
A: Yes, we will assist you promoting your event, and we will post it regularly on our social media pages and website, but the main responsibility is yours. Our experience shows that active promotion is the key to a fair number of attendees.

Q: How do I pay for the event?
A: As the organizer, you’ll receive an invoice from us. The total fee and expenses are divided into three portions that you must pay no later than the dates stipulated. The first payment (deposit) is non-refundable. Attendees pay to you the fee that you determine.

Q: Can I have a sponsor for my event?
A: Yes, you can, but the speaker is under no obligation to your sponsor(s) or products. Speaker accepts no personal sponsors in order to maintain his professional and academic integrity.

Q: Can I cancel an event?
A: Yes, you can, but you must do it at least four weeks before the event should take place. In that case, you skip the payment of the second and third portion on the invoice. If you cancel less than four weeks from the event date, you will loose the deposit and the expenses incurred (like flight tickets) plus half of the seminar fee. Do not cancel an event before talking with us. If you are close to your break even point, we may decide to assist you.

Contact us for more information.