We conduct seminars, workshops, lectures and other specific training courses for families with pets, privates, companies, universities, NGOs, government, police and military organizations around the world in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

All our training takes a scientific approach to behavior, training and animal welfare following the latest research and studies carried out by us and others international scientific organizations.

The species we work on are Dogs, Cats, Horses and Guinea Pigs.

We adjust the topics, programs and technical levels of the seminar/workshop/lecture/course according to the needs of the organization.

Possible Topics
– Anthrozoology (The human social animal, the animals in society, the contrast of cultures, applied anthrozoology in animal training, the past-present-future).
– Animal Behaviour, Language and Learning.
– Behavioral problems.
– Inter-specific communication and non-verbal language.
– FACS and microexpressions.
– Animal cognition and emotions.
– Practical applications of ethology and behaviorism.
– Advanced training and behavioral modification programming.
– Animal welfare.
– Canine Scent Detection.
– Study Cases.
– Interpersonal professional relationship.
– Personalized courses for pet owners. (Puppy—Adult—Senior)
– Personalized courses in familiar, professional, academical, governmental and operational field.
– Themes from author’s books.

Demonstrations and/or individual activities of the presented theory, if applicable.

Main conditions for the seminar
Projector with HDMI connection; Sound system; Writing board; Indoor place suitable for the practice; Signed service agreement; Non-refundable security deposit for dates confirmation; Travel and accommodation (with excellent Wi-Fi network) to be counted the day before and the day after the seminar.

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