Teach without Speech

Anthrozoology, body language and facial decoding allied with the science in animal training. “Teach Without Speech” System is the result of several years of study and observation of animal behavior in the human social environment and the practice of daily knowledge obtained. It is a system that focuses on the correct understanding of interspecific communication and its use  with the training precision. A scientific approach to behavior, training and animal welfare following the latest research and studies. Workshop adapted for dogs, cats or horses. The practical component is made exclusively with participants and their own animals, the standard program is two days (eight hours / day), and is intended for all families and professionals in the animal area. We can adapt the workshop according to the organization needs.

Teach without Speech articles (Multilingual)
Author’s Introduction. English | Português
The Social Human AnimalEnglish | Português
M&M System IntroductionEnglish | Português | Español
Animal Behavior & Comunication DecodingEnglish | Português | Español
Signals Precision in Animal Training. English | Português
Lead Respect. English | Português | Español
The Bird Sound. English | Português | Español

Theory: Anthrozoology, Human and Animal Behavior, Learning, Communication and Language, “Teach without Speech” System, Advanced precision training sessions schedule.
Practice: Activities with several tried and tested techniques that promote high efficiency in individual or group training.

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