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Portuguese Ethological Society

The Portuguese Society of Ethology was founded in 1987 and aims to promote the study of animal behaviour in Portugal, considering its various aspects. This page intends to gather relevant information for those interested in the study of animal behaviour in Portugal.


20th Congress of the Portuguese Ethological Society

The 20th Congress of the Portuguese Ethological Society took place on 7, 8 and 9 December, 2023 in Vila do Conde, Portugal, in partnership with Associação BIOPOLIS - CIBIO.

This edition included national and international invited plenary talks, workshops, oral communications and poster sessions, awards and social events. More information in the congress website here.



Thanks to all participants, presenters, sponsors, and partners for being part of this amazing congress!  The enthusiastic participation of over 80 individuals significantly elevated the congress, creating a vibrant environment for the exchange of knowledge in the field of ethology. The diversity of topics covered during the event was remarkable, encompassing outstanding presentations and posters on birds, insects, mammals, fish, reptiles, and more.

This year, Pol Sorigue earned the prestigious Vitor Almada Award for his captivating presentation, "Molecular evolution of the genes involved in social behavior across Lake Tanganyika's cichlids adaptive radiation!"

Additionally, SPRINGER acknowledged excellence this year awarding Amalia de la Torre Herrera with the top prize for the best poster, featuring "Automated Monitoring of Pair Bonds in a Gregarious Bird," and recognizing Beatriz Palinhos Pereira's compelling talk on "Disruption of cleaner wrasse cognition and brain morphology under marine heatwaves" as the second-best student oral presentation.

Spicing up the conference, we partnered with AIMM to introduce an interactive bingo game during oral presentations this year. The participants Francisco Louro and Nádia Jesus, each snagged an AIMM sweatshirt, and Iolanda Silva walked away with a SPE t-shirt.




9th European Student Conference on Behaviour and Cognition


The 9th European Student Conference on Behavior and Cognition 2023 took place in Lisbon! This year, the Portuguese Society of Ethology sponsored travel grants. More information at escbc.org.





  • XXI Congress of the Portuguese Ethological Society - Portugal.
    • December 2024
    • More information soon

Other conferences and events

  • ASAB SPRING 2024 - University of Exeter, UK
    • 23 - 25 Apr. 2024
    • Save the dates
  • X Iberian Congress of Ichthyology - Vic, Spain
  • Emerging Bioacousticians Days - Brest, France
    • 25-June 28 2024
    • Abstract submissions: 1 April 2024
    • Registration fee is €10, accommodation and food included.
    • Website for + info
  • European Conference on Behavioural Biology - Zurique, Switzerland
    • 16 - 19 July 2024
    • Abstract submissions: January 2024
    • Registrations: early 2024
    • Website for + info
  • 16th Meeting Ecology and Behaviour Conference - Chizé, France
    • 26 - 30 Aug. 2024
    • Student conference, free registration fee for presenters, accomodation and meals provided.
    • Save the dates
  • International Society for Behavioral Ecology Congress 2024 - Melbourne, Australia
    • 29 Sep. - 4 Oct. 2024
    • Abstract submissions: Open - 4 March 2024
    • Registrations: 6 December 2023 - 28 June 2024
    • Website for + info