Certified Dog Owner Courses

In Denmark, me and Tilde Detz Jensen, GAT-EIC, from etologi.dk, give all weekends the Certified Dog Owner and Advanced Certified Dog Owner Courses—from ethology.eu—by Dr. Roger Abrantes. This is the course that all families with dogs obtain with the institute, an innovative theoretical / practical teaching model, allowing continuous and updated follow-up to all pet owners.

The course give all the basics that the families need to create and enjoy a good relationship with their dogs in society, independently of the age and breed.

Our techniques doesn’t involve the use of violence, but the updated scientific knowledge and the natural human-animal synchrony, with the differentiation of individual teaching of each dog and owner, adapting the course program whenever necessary. Our goal is to create mutual understanding, respect and the perfect bond between the dog and the family.

This course is intended for dogs without previous education or with a very basic teaching. Dogs and owners with previously training often choose our professional courses or individual coaching service.

We implement a theoretical part, where they have access to a lifetime online course and a handbook (Animal Training, My Way. By Roger Abrantes) with all necessary knowledge about dog behavior, communication and the most relevant techniques learned in the practical part: Correct use of the leash, Sit, Down, Come, not to jump on people, accept separation, socialization in several real environments with varied stimuli and activities, cognitive stimulation and problem solving skills.

This new updated course is the result of a 70 years experience between those involved in the program, already running successfully in Denmark and soon in USA, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France and Australia, by Ethology Institute AREP’s (Approved Regional Education Providers).

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Autor: Roberto Barata

Animal Trainer, Consultant and Instructor; Ethology Institute Tutor; Scientific and Popular Articles Writer; Animal FACS and Pets in Society (anthrozoology) Technical Researcher.