Etologia.pt is the online Ethology Institute Portuguese language division. All content in Portuguese will be published on this website. The regional director is Roberto Barata.

Our work in Anthrozoology, Mentoring and Animal Behavior and Learning

  • Educational programs for animal trainers through the Ethology Institute.
  • Personalized courses, lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • Scientific advising in Anthrozoology and Animal Behavior.
  • Research and studies in Anthrozoology and Animal Behavior field.
  • Publication of articles, books and other educational content.
  • Online tutoring and consulting for professionals and companion animal families.

Our philosophy and approach

  • A deep respect for the nature of the species and all living organisms.
  • The availability of a solid scientific knowledge.
  • The promotion of individual critical thinking.
  • The independence of commercial, religious, political or governmental interests.
  • The exemption and preservation of our academic integrity by not receiving external funding.
  • All our work and research is carried out with revenue from our services.