About us

Roberto Barata, born in Lisbon, Portugal, works professionally since 2004 with dogs and other animals, being an integral part of his life over this years.
His native language is Portuguese. Speaks English and Spanish professionally and has fluency in French and Danish.

His present work:
– Animal trainer, instructor and consultant at etologia.pt and etologi.dk (Denmark, where he is in cooperation). My main functions are training and animal rehabilitation (dogs, cats and horses), lectures and seminars in all Scandinavian, certified courses for pet owners, instructors training, personalized services for companies, universities, NGO, and governmental or private entities worldwide.
– Director of studies of Portuguese language and Tutor at Ethology Institute Cambridge.
– Scientific Consultant at Portuguese Animal Observatory;
– International Speaker in Portuguese, English and Spanish;
– Multilingual popular and scientific articles writer.
– Animal FACS and Pets in Society (anthrozoology) Researcher.
– Author of “Dogs in Society” and “A New Vision About Animal Training—Anthrozoology—Applied Ethology—Behaviourism” Books (2018-Portuguese).
– Author of “Animal Training and Human Society— An Introduction to Applied Anthrozoology” (2019-Portuguese).

His most relevant professional education and experience:
– Certificate in Advanced Applied Ethology.
– Expert in Human-Animal Studies.
– Graduate Animal Trainer Student (BSc in Animal Science).
– Instructors Course and Juez CCE.
– Professional license of Dog trainer, Behavioral Modification Technician and Dog Training in defense and surveillance operations. (ES)
– Military dog trainer course.
– Animal Assisted Therapy Course.
– Comprehensive Canine Therapy Course with IPDTA Certification and Portuguese Representation.
– Auxiliary veterinary Course.
– Courses in Leadership and coaching, Management of behaviors, psychosociology at work and interpersonal skills management, social psychology and NLP.
– Portuguese language translator of international projects from renowned professionals: Susan Friedman; Robin Bennett; Jenny Williams; Linda Michaels.
– CGC Evaluator at AKC.
– Instruction Skills Certificate.
– Animal Shelter Voluntary Services.
– Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.

Etologia.pt follows in the social field the study of the interaction between the animals and the human (Anthrozoology/Human-Animal Studies) allied to the training and behavior modification. A differentiated concept that implements a solid scientific knowledge adapted to individual needs.

It is our mission to promote the scientific approach in animal behavior modification, always having as an imperative the animal welfare; The natural communication and interspecific understanding; Provide skills and professional training to all professionals in this area, through activities, training, events or other agreements with companies or individuals; Participate in studies, research and publications in animal behavior field.

I would like to express my public thanks to Professor Roger Abrantes, to Tilde Detz Jensen and to the entire team of ethology.eu and etologi.dk for all the confidence, motivation and professionalism. Thank you.

“Nosce te ipsum” – Know yourself, the animals will thank you.

Carpe Diem!

Roberto Barata


Professional Trainers
I have the CAAE certificate from the Ethology Institute Cambridge. If you would like to obtain a professional trainer program, contact the Ethology Institute Cambridge.

The institute offers excellent programs where you can take the theory online, managing your learning. You can also contact us for more information.